Dr. Hajja Huda


Hajja's Session broadcasts April 21, 2023, 05:00 PM



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About this speaker

Dr. Hajja Huda comes from a long lineage of Sufi Masters, among the most famous, Sidi Abdul Salam from the Shadhili Sufi order. From an early age she started to learn the Book of Love, The Holy Quran, which she memorized almost completely. Her spiritual training took place in Morocco and Egypt with two women masters who initiated her on the ancient knowledge of astrology and healing techniques.

Together with her studies of medicine, she also explored the world of healing plants on the spiritual and physical level. With the teachings received and having a spiritual connection with Mawlana Sheikh Nazim, along with Shaykh Burhanuddin they are developing the Sufi Cosmology teachings, a tool for personal and spiritual growth, working already for numerous people.


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