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Pure Presence Conferences and The Teachers of God Foundation

The Way of Truth and the Experience of Inner Peace we all long for reveals itself in a myriad of traditions throughout world culture: Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, A Course in Miracles, Advaita Vedanta, A Course in Love, Judaism, Nondual Direct Path, New Thought, Islam and many, many more. — Coming April 21–23, 2023! 

There is a common ground of seeking and inner curiosity amongst the many traditions of the world that seems to be looking for the same thing:

The Direct Experience of Knowing One’s Self.

As the drops of rain, the waves, and the currents share the same ocean; all the many paths in some way share the presence of God’s infinite being: the indivisible infinite power and presence which governs all things seen or unseen, known and unknown, called by many names and inspired in many ways.

Whether you’re following a specific path or no path, this is an invitation to enter into a deep space in our hearts and consciousness to learn from and experience truth through the lens of various wisdom traditions and to…

We extend to you a warm invitation to join us April 21 – 23, 2023, in this online gathering freely offered to you at no charge as we come together with an open mind and available open heart to hear consciousness through itself at the Intersection of Awakening.

“Truth is one; paths to its realization are many.” 
— Rig Veda

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