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James Twyman

An Interfaith Experience of Nonduality

A session with James Twyman (Peace Troubadour, Author)

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About this Session

James F. Twyman is a Franciscan priest and the NY Times Bestselling author of 23 books including The Moses Code and The Nondual Universe. In his talk James will demonstrate how the path to Unified Consciousness can be found in nearly every religion and spiritual path, though it's often hidden beneath layers of dogma and tradition. Stories about St. Francis of Assisi, Rumi and many other mystics and saints will capture your attention and show how you can step into the experience of nonduality any moment.

A Course in Miracles calls it the Holy Instant and it requires no preparation, no study, only a full, uncompromising commitment to the experience of Oneness.

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James Twyman

James Twyman

Peace Troubadour, Author

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