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Amir Freimann Anne Sweet

Maturity on the Path: Learning to Recognize and Trust the Inner Teacher

A session with Amir Freimann and Anne Sweet

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About this Session

As I understand it, each person’s path is absolutely unique and specific to the individual. Also, what may be the perfect teaching or teacher at one time in the quest for Self-realization may become a great hinderance at another time. It is essential in my view that the sincere seeker is able to mature into taking full responsibility for their own evolution, and eventually finds within and begins to trust in their own inner voice and inner teacher.

In this way the seeker will discover for themselves what all the teachings have always pointed to: the one Universal Self that we all are. The next ongoing discovery will be how the Universal Self finds its unique and particular expression within and through that individual.

About The Speakers

Amir Freimann

Amir Freimann

Author and Researcher on 'Living Transcendence’, Author and Researcher

Anne Sweet

Anne Sweet

Author, Spiritual Friend/Advisor; Exhibiting Artist