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Rodrigo  P. Cayres

The Pathless Paths along the Journey without Distance

A session with Rodrigo P. Cayres (Speaker and Group Facilitator)

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About this Session

As we journey along the varied paths to awakening, we experience a process of seemingly returning home. When we eventually awake to a great extent to the truth of who we are, we realize that actually, we have never left home. In the dreams and nightmares experienced during sleep, we make up an illusory world in which we believe we are separate bodies, struggling on our own to succeed at material and spiritual goals, seeking what we already are.

All paths converge to the same awareness of the integration of two levels of experience into one whole experience: human and spiritual, mind and heart, masculine and feminine, body and spirit, sacred and mundane are now experienced as one, without duality.

About The Speakers

Rodrigo  P. Cayres

Rodrigo P. Cayres

Speaker and Group Facilitator